Textile/Embellished Binder Cover

We were no sooner home from completing a home decor kitchen reno when my wife began her next project -a textile/embellished binder cover. She works extremely efficiently and so accomplishes a great deal in a short period of time. (Not all projects are finished quickly as challenges pop up continuously.)

Note: The new project is somewhere on her work desk. Like Waldo -can you find it?

Ah! Ha! There it is, cloth wrapped around the binder and held in place with clips.

She fuses and machine fastens threads together to produce a textile material that has a life of its own and is unique each time she makes it. This fusion is added as an intermediary ground placed upon a background of upholstery material that actually covers the the binder covers.

Once the background and middleground are established she begins to place items to create a design that also relates to the theme or idea she wants to convey. She is working at creating an art object to be held and used.
I don't know where she will end up -and I'm not sure she does either, but I know she will persevere and take advantage of those serendipitous moments that are a part of every artist's process.


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