An Artist's Place of Quiet Inspiration

I had just come in from working on the front gardens when I noticed the waterlilies blooming in the pond out back. They were very picturesque. I called my wife to come and see the blooms and to note the growth in the rock garden.
As we gazed at the scene, I realized that much of my and my wife's work has an organic nature or is inspired by nature directly. Even the pond and rock garden have crept into our works.
At times, when the cupolas are up, we sit out and watch the fish swim in the 4 metre by 4 metre pond and the 15 metres of tangled, rock garden just below it. The time spent is most calming -and can be inspirational.

Even Indi, our sun bunny, takes time from his busy schedule to contemplate life -or wait for the fish to surface in order to jump up and scare them.

Ah!! The waterlilies in bloom. I see another image burned into a....(?). My wife sees applique, machine embroidery, beading and other embellishments -on a purse, skirt, tapestry....(?). Ah!!!

Can you find Indi -he is merely restin'.

This portion of the rock garden is below the pond and upper decks and has certainly filled in thickly. (Reminds me of Mac Donald's "Tangled Garden" -without the sunflowers.)

The irises that came from a natural pond area have invaded the rock garden and established themselves as a perennial favourite. (Reminds me of Van Gogh's "Irises", but without the price tag.)

When we are home the decks either side of the pond are favourite places to congregate -and have been for many years for many children and young people. Many discussions have been held here, always followed by good fellowship and refreshments. The pond and garden have been a calm place within the city -away from its hustle and bustle.

Birds have come, as have deer, frogs, toads, opossums, skunks, raccoons, hawks, rabbits, pheasants and squirrels of many colours. Often they have shared the space while we were present. Sometimes, Indi objected to the animals but has learned to be tolerant at times -not!!

Having a cottage now has the same effect upon us as has the pond, decks and garden at our home. The cottage and island have also become a place of inspiration for our art work and a tranquil meeting place for family and friends. Amazing the similarities.

Most artists I know have that place they go to to quietly think or meet with others to talk. At such times and in such places ideas percolate and then inspire. I hope you all have a place like that.


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