Another Textile Book Cover

An impasse occurred with the book cover started June 5 -or a she caught a cold, I'm not sure which. My wife, therefore, left it and continued work on another textile binder cover that she had started -(no end of ideas float in her imagination, no work left unfinished).

The leather bit in the upper left of the cover was made by running the scissors and leather through a press to get an embossed print of the scissors. The background had been dyed using a marbling technique. As is her trademark, she fused and machine sewed myriads of threads to form a new textile piece.

Words and appliqued material are added to the cover. When the binder is open, as seen here, one can see that the design moves the eye throughout the composition/cover. Note, too, that there are compositional elements specific to the front or back of the cover -the design can stand alone at any viewing.

I am fascinated with sense that the multi-layered, multi-coloured threads and beads float upon the marbleized background. A sense of fantasy or surreality?

Just because an impasse -or cold- arises, my wife's imagination and work does not get hampered. Each piece has its due course in her artistic process.


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