Fabric Binder Cover -C'est Fini

My wife worked through the challenges with her binder cover embellishments. The hand machined fabric made of fused threads floats upon the background as do the words sewn onto the back of the cover. Different elements of her design seem to flow in, about, above, -providing a dynamic movement within her composition.

Although there seems to be a colour change in the following two cover shots it is really an issue with the conditions under which the photo was taken. Nevertheless, a look at the full cover denotes a design that flows from one area to the next and, as well, each cover, by itself, has an integral composition.

Here, the focus upon detail and quality of technique is carried to the inside of the cover. And, she has put her art object to work by adding pages of ideas, work, studies, etc.

There is a crystal -I think it was once an earring- that reflects the light and picks up on all the colours surrounding it. A little difficult to denote but it is there.

Beads, fabric, threads, crystals, applique, fusion, hand machine embroidery, hand embroidery, and other techniques and objects are interwoven into the idea and the very "fabric" of her art.


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