Fibre Coiled Bowls or Baskets

While at the cottage one summer not too long ago my wife was wrapping fibre around a core filament (some were raffia; others a foam or plastic wire ) and joining the core to form a basket or bowl. As she worked she wove, wrapped -whatever- other elements like shells and beads and wrapped rings into the basket shape. Sometimes she formed the bowl or basket as she wished; other times she let the basket coiling take on a life of its own. Here are a few made that summer.

Note the wrapped rings and added shells from our island's shore (cleaned and drilled and then incorporated into the design).

And as she has done before, she wrapped and coiled to make a background for her hand machined flower, thus producing a small still life. Here she has moved from the utile factor of basketry to object d'arte.
The basketry work was done while watching tv or riding in the car from place to place. Nevertheless, the work took concentration and a focus on good crafting , besides the design elements. She did try to create a different look with each object as you turned it.

Should you wish to know the technique, drop us a line via the comment section and we will respond.


Anonymous said…
These pieces are beautiful! I would love to learn more about the technique used.

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