Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Winter Oil Pastel Pictures - Along the Grand River

I am using the oil pastels to get my ideas down quickly.  Mannie and I had gone to river by the house.  The river had opened and was somewhat high.  During our ventures to the Grand River in our area the water either roiled or just rolled along.  The juggernauts that had once been the pilons for the railroad tracks stood sturdily in the river thwarting the ravages of the ice that had crashed into them and piled up on the island just in front.

The underpainting is done with a variety of oil pastels that are a little harder than the Sennelier used for final colour.  I am enjoying the pictures done with this medium.  Depending upon how I see this picture in the next week I will or will not add burnt lines. For now, I am leaving the Noodle Pen ink lines you see.  Presently, I don't mind the little flakes of oil pastel that are on the surface of the picture -but I'll think about that for a while.  Hmmmm....

I have been on the internet looking for oil pastel artists and they seem few and far between.  Anyone know an oil pastel artist I could visit?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Butterfly Punch Needle Work by Manuela

Manuela has just finished this butterfly work in punch needle.  As usual she has added mother of pearl beads to the butterflies.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wooden Cat Buttons -Pyrography and Acrylic Paint

I broke away from the other art work to try my hand at small wooden buttons.  I burnt the buttons and then painted.  Not sure about the results.  Comments?
This is about the actual size of the buttons.  The burning, despite the thinness of the burning blade, still looked a tad heavy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pyro/Acrylic Wolf Painting

Always that lean and angry look of the wolf.  Me, I see that self assured look of the wolf -almost smug in its confidence.  The burnt, pyrographic lines are becoming less and less noticeable and the structure of the paint is becoming more prevalent.  I will let this sit for a bit before I determine the final finish.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Pyro/Acrylic Fox Painting

This fox has that furtive look that foxes have whenever they are out and about.  The one that had come onto our property must have been looking for the rabbits that abound under the gazebo, deck and in the fields beyond the cedar ridge that surrounds us.

Again, this picture has its base coat and I am thinking about how to finish. Seeing the picture on the blogsite will give me a different perspective.  Strong colours seem to be part of my work -but maybe the paintings do not appear "painterly."  I am wrestling with that.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Pyro/Acrylic Coyote

Life often gets in the way of getting down to doing my art work -but I do try.  I have embarked on a small series on square panels -challenging composition.  Drawing, burning and painting.  So far I have the base coats down and have left them alone in order to come back with a fresh eye.

In our area we have the deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes etc roaming the property or the properties adjacent to ours.  These are the ones I have chosen to paint.

Just some reminisces regarding our interactions.  I had been driving along the highway by our house when this large dog ran long side.  I then realized it was a wolf. Coyotes yip of a summer evening across the river.  The red fox has come onto our lot to catch the rabbits that have homes everywhere.  Deer, what can you say.  Lovely to look at until they run into the side of your vehicle and total it out -not withstanding the loss of the deer.

These and other animals forage in our fields and occasionally wander onto the property -sometimes they are as surprised as you are when meeting.

Brush strokes within the burnt lines are looser but I am not sure if the areas will remain as flat.  I also have not worked in the greys like I have here.  I have also tried to get away from trying to create an exact representation of the animal.  New challenges to workout.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Marshtoon Interlude (Cartoons for the Cottage)

I had been out yesterday doing some consignment shop hunting  -found some unique items.
But, today, I had to get back to doing something creative -just get'er done.

However, I was in the mood to have a laugh.  And so I created a cartoon (marshtoon) that I want to add to the collection for a cottage country calendar.

I have seen the pictures of the fisherman in the river or rapids who has caught that prize winning fish and holds it up to display the prize.  I have also seen the pictures of bears fishing at rapids and in rivers.  I thought it might be amusing to meld the two.

Step one:  Draw preliminary cartoon characters and then the rough and final drawing
Step two:  Use the Tracer light table to draw an ink drawing of the cartoon.
Step three:  Scan the inked picture into the computer and use Seashore to colour in the drawing.
Step four:  Bring the Seashore cartoon into the Comic 3 program to add dialogue, frame and heading.

At sometime I will need to get the set together and add colour either by hand or through an app.