Home Decor -the Kitchen Reno Saga Continues

And away we went again to work on the kitchen reno at my daughter and son-in-law's home. My daughter put together the design and my wife and I, along with the two of them, built the new kitchen. The granite counter tops went in and the tile had to be applied to the walls. The tile for the back is made of metal tiles. Not too bad to apply but tricky around electrical openings and other tricky places as you can not cut the tiles. Much planning before application.

But, despite the issues the result can look stunning.
My daughter can ferret out the most unique materials for the best prices, and this coupled with design, artistic elements and available, cheap labour makes for a winning combination.

And so, we have been away from our art work for a while and we will be going back to finish up some small details that are left.

By the way, the photos were taken from my son-in-law's blog site -


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