Peacocks Hidden within a Doilie

A doilie -something old and used under planters or on tables or on armrests.  I remember them from my sojourns to the "elderly" aunts' homes on those obligatory visits when I had to "behave."

Well my wife has found a new use for these tatted pieces and spends time embellishing them with beads, thread, fabric, etc and different sewing techniques.

These two pieces were at the Hidden Treasures Art Tour.

Look closely and you will see how she reconstructed the doilie and utilized the peacocks in the pattern to produce a new vignette.

As was noted at the Headwaters Arts Festival  Art Show and Sale the photos do not do justice to the actual pieces.  (The judges said Manuela had to show her works without glass in the frame. in order for viewers to really see the craftsmanship.)  (As well, our camera does not flatter them  -either that or is my unstable hand.)


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