More Character Boxes

Self reliance is characteristic of the snake. No pack to hunt with, no one to have his back; no arms, no legs. The snake has only self.
Keen perception is the characteristic of the raven. That and a mischievous nature have put this creature at the heart of many myths and legends.

Well dexterity is characteristic of the raccoon. But, being able to use his paws so well -along with a bent of curiosity- does not endear this creature to many.
The frog symbolizes transformation as its life cycle stages move through environs of water and land.
As the dragonfly predator darts from one area to the next it demonstrates decisiveness in its movements and reactions.

Now I have gone back to look at my character boxes and not that I draw and burn and paint creatures not necessarily on the front burner of cuteness or adorablenss. But each has its place and I want to recognize those qualities that have been interwoven into the fabric of many tales.


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