And even more Character Boxes

 We had an opossum living under the the shed in our back yard.  It fell down a window well and could not get out.  I was able to herd it into a garbage can after it had played dead and then hissed and reared up aggressively.  Whatever would work it tried.  Nevertheless I packed it into the garbage can and removed it to the farm.  The opossum displayed its practical and pragmatic traits; changing tactics to suit the situation.
 Now, we have not seen this fellow under our dock -just from afar as he slipped into hiding.  For the most part we have just seen the leftovers of his voracious appetite for clams all over the dock and in the water.  The otter's ingenuity at feeding and hiding and playing are endearing.
 When the leaves are wet and clumped you can find the salamander on shore away from the actual lake.  They are unusual creatures with mystical, intuitive qualities.
 They're everywhere -and drive me nuts.  Mannie who works with threads and fabrics has used the spider in her works  -especially crazy quilt squares- to recognize the spider as a weaver.  The spider demonstrates creativity in weaving and even in snaring its food.

Please note that the photos had been taken at the Hidden Treasures Art Tour venue and do not really do justice to the actual work.


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