And more Character Boxes

 Now we have no badger at the cottage home or farm,  I just remember them from stories read to me in England.  I liked their look and their courageous disposition.  Do not corner them.  (Someone told me that our raccoon is the Canadian version of the badger  -ummm- not so sure. ) 
 Now, what could be more Canadian (-besides hockey)?  The beaver has always been connected with industriousness, but also with orderliness.  On our island many birches have been ringed with mesh to deter these fellows from denuding the property of its tall birch trees.  You can hear the odd slap of the tail in the marshland beyond the low marshes at the end of our bay.
 Now these fellows scamper every where at the cottage and at home.  They are cheeky but also exhibit the quality or preparedness as they run about gathering for the winter.  Chipmunks certainly invest for their future.
 The eagle denotes power in its stance and in its predatory nature.  My son was kayaking with a friend on a lake by his house and they came across eaglets and eagles nesting.  This rare sighting made the day.
The groundhog, woodchuck, whatever, symbolizes diligence as noted with its care for family and community.  Gathering food, making a home, determining escape routes and being vigilant attest to this quality.

Note that I have taken liberties with lines, and colour and even animal structure to present a slightly more dynamic look to the animals as I try to fit them onto these small boxes.


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