The Hidden Treasures Art Tour

The weekend for the Hidden Treasures Art Tour came to a close.  New sales, new clients and new contacts.

 The entrance to the artists' booths was in a large room in a large barn,   The open maw of the entrance looked dark and deep ... boding what,  one did not know.

 Ah!  Once inside things became more inviting ... and a hint of mystery was in the air.  This is horse country and we were at Blithe Hill Nurseries where the family finds and grows varieties of trees to determine which ones will weather our growing zone and that they will then grow and sell.  Tis quite the estate property.

 You are viewing less than 1/4 of the large room.  This one room held 7 artists' booths.  Each artist at this venue was different-box maker, portrait painter, abstract artist, still life and scene artist, equestrian photographer, stone sculptor and us, fabric designer and artist and pyrographic and acrylic artist.   And still there was room left over for an 8 legged snooker table and reception area.

 Our work tucked away in the corner was the first booth you saw as you came through the doorway from the entrance. 
Our work was varied, with many small items as well as some of our larger art works.  We filled our space.

And there's the other half of Arts II tending as always to the small details of our set up and sales. 

The  people who bought our work as well as those who were browsing commented upon the uniqueness, variety and excellent craftsmanship of each piece.  Our weekend was successful as, in the words of our "business/tech" son (who brought the family to see the wares),  "we met our fixed costs and had some revenue as well. " 


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