Character boxes -fauna I have known and liked

I drew fauna that have run across our property at home and at the cottage.  When interacting with them, I woud attribute "human qualities" to their behaviours.  (Doing so seems to have been done throughout the ages.)   I have also been an avid reader of folk tales and folk lore.  Animals and characteristics we place upon them are rampant throughout such readings.  Fables and legends, sagas and tales of all sorts abound with creatures interacting with humans and having particular qualities or attributes ascribed to them.  Even cartoon movies play heavily upon the use of human characteristics to move the animal story along.

So, I did some research and then added a quality to the boxes -only one and one I could relate to when dealing with the creatures on the island or at home.

Now we have a number of these rabbits living under the gazebo at our home in Waldemar.  They sit and exude vitality.

This fellow walked along the road in a most amiable manner, shuffling without a care in the world -or so it seemed.  An unselfish fellow, denying no one his/her place in the landscape but requesting without aggression, to be left alone.

Along the lane Pepe strolled as we, too, were out for a walk.  He stopped with a little hop, then stood and watched as we walked by.  He did not turn and run nor present an aggressive stance.  He respected our presence, as long as we respected his.

Now I never really understand the look an a toad's face but it is as though he's seen it all and so, to him,  most things are just passe.  Over time, in much folk lore the toad has been roughly treated.  Yet through it all the toad has persevered and thus his character.

Longevity is ascribed to bats.  (Think of Dracula's alter ego.)  And these fellows swoop through the trees at the cottage and around the barn and ponds at home, zeroing in on a multitude of insects flitting about.

(Please, excuse the photography as I took these pictures in the barn at the Hidden Treasures Art Tour with the bright sunlight blazing through the windows.)

I had 25 Character boxes for sale and I have drawings for another set.  Each box took so much work that I'm not sure I will complete the other set.  Sometimes doing something for the love of it is not enough.


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