Felted Children's Sweaters

Felting became another endeavour my wife delved into within her repertoire of arts n' crafts. She is a crafty lady.

I had some wool sweaters that I had outgrown (don't ask) that she felted down and then took apart to cut and reassemble into children's sweaters.

She used an "embellisher" (a tool with a set of needles used to afix felt pieces to other felt pieces). The patterned pieces seen on the following sweaters were cut out of other felted wool pieces that she had made previously.

Here we see front and back.

Here the images were felted together and embellished with beads and machine embroidery.

The red flowers were machine embroidered and beaded and even painted with fabric paints.

The posies are slightly three dimensionaland are also beaded and machine embroidered.

My wife is always starting new techniques and adding her own touches to make the art works unique one-of-a-kind items.


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