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My Own Anniversary Cartoon done in Procreate -Peter C Marshall

 Manuela and I have been together for a long ...long ...long time- married 54 years, August 24. 1968.  Babes in woods at the time.  We have spent our lives together creating family, homes, avocations and art.  Each day is yet another creation and we are grateful for being able to be part of a creative adventure. Just as I did anniversary cartoons for our children so I made one for Manuela and myself.   First I sketched on paper what I wanted (old school); put it into Procreate on my iPad pro; sketched over the lines and made whatever alterations I wanted; changed to inking pen and drew the finished lies; added layers of colouring; sent to Comic Life3; added speech bubbles; saved as a jpeg and then sent to iPhoto and then to our blog.  The process for one cartoon is quite the process indeed and to think I'm working on a graphic novel and there are many, many  cartoons to do.  Oh well! A new creative chapter to enjoy.

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