Book Covers -Textile/Fabric Art

Fabric art works abound at my wife's studio. During one of her creative binges she used her embroidery and textile techniques to create unique covers for journals and guest books. Some were sold and some were given as gifts but each had a story to tell on that cover. Sometimes the cover was commissioned and thus the theme was created to reflect the person for whom it was made. Life and art.

She makes or purchases the books to be covered. She then determines a theme for a book and then chooses the materials she is going to use to make the images on that cover. Sometimes she plans out the design; sometimes she serendipitously works away until the image just feels right.

Once the fabric or leather has been chosen for the base of the cover she embellishes that cover with a variety of embroidery techniques.

Look carefully and you will see examples of copper metallurgy, felting, beading, applique, hand dying, machine embroidery, stenciling, stamping, machine created cloth (her own embellished technique), etc. Can you note where she used one of my silk neck ties?

If you wish to have any of the techniques explained, please leave your request in this post's "comment" section. Explanations would come in another post.


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