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Daily Works in the Arts II Studio

Oil Pastel Dry, Spider-like Grasses in the Snow

A Couple More Clock Work Fabric Art Pieces by Manuela

Clock Work Fabric Art

Another Oil Pastel Landscape-or Riverscape

Testing the Waters for an Oil Pastel Landscape

Back to the Bold Oil Pastel Landscape of the Grand

Another Day, Another Oil Pastel Landscape

What a Difference a Frame Makes

Oil Pastel Landscape -Forms Becoming More Abstract

Serendipitous Fabric Art works

Oil Pastel Art Works -By the Grand River and the Vibrant blue

Time Pieces Added to Manuela's Fabric Art Work

Oil Pastel -Down by the River

Cedar Clumps -another Oil Pastel Day

Oil Pastel -Cedar Clumps Along the Highway

Oil Pastel Work -a Process

Manuela's Coil Work with Gourds

Oil Pastel Reflections in the Grand River Water Amongst the Ice and Snow

Manuela begins work on Gourd/Coiled Baskets

Oil Pastel Procedure for "Melting Ice on the Grand River"