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Santa and Reindeer singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

Back to doing a landscape -paragraphic/acrylic painting

A grand experiment in community collaboration

Studio Buttons at the Yuletide Art Show and Sale

Studio Buttons -Beaded Fabric and Wooden/Painted

Pyro/predator3 at My Door -Wolf

Pyro/predator 2- Furtive Fox

Pyro/Predators at my door-Coyote

Small Pyrography/Fluid Acrylic Painting

Punchneedle -the Sun and the Moon and the Stars

A Winter Oil Pastel at the River

A Small Winter Oil Pastel

Another Winter Oil Pastel Along the Grand River

Winter Oil Pastel Pictures - Along the Grand River

Butterfly Punch Needle Work by Manuela

Wooden Cat Buttons -Pyrography and Acrylic Paint

Pyro/Acrylic Wolf Painting

A Pyro/Acrylic Fox Painting

A Pyro/Acrylic Coyote

A Marshtoon Interlude (Cartoons for the Cottage)

New Pyro Series -Deer

Couple more winter cartoons

Northern Cottage Country Cartoon -the process

Making More Cottage Cartoons -snowmobiles and lots of snow

Winter Cartoons -Deer and the Webcam