Drawings in prep for Pyrography

A number of drawings are needed prior to my pyrography work -as well as weather conducive to the actual burning of the wood. And so, the last while has been tiresome and busy as I have completed 35 animal sketches. Once drawn, I put them into the computer and then I will need to ink copies -as noted in a previous post.

Two hawks with different attitudes.

A ruffled grouse standing tall and a crow with a definite outlook on life.

And, my somewhat stylized eagle. I'm not sure whether to stylize the other drawings or redo the eagle to conform with the more natural look of the other drawings. Sometimes you just have to let the drawings do their own talking and something unique and personal comes out.

I'll post other drawings as I continue to refine them to drawings ready to be translated into line inkings that I can then burn into wood boxes or panels.


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