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Happy New Year

White Christmas -Santa and his Reindeer sing

Oil Pastel Paintings -Ridge Rabbits and Gazebo Bunnies

Our Displays at the Orangeville Art Show and Sale

Life gets in the way: Building a Composter

Life Puzzle Series: Stages of Man -Back from the Show

6 rabbit oil pastels at a show

Fabric collage

I may have found a way to blog from my iPad

My stab at using my iPad mini to add a post

Marshtoons for the summer at the cottage

Oil Pastel and Burnt Lines -Ridge Rabbit

Oil Pastel Painting Sultan amongst the Daisies -Part of the Rabbit Series

Another Oil Pastel -Ridge Rabbits and Gazebo Bunnies Series

Oil Pastels and Burnt Lines -Ridge Rabbits and Gazebo Bunny Series

More Fabric Flowers by Manuela

Manuela's Fabric Flowers for the Flower Shows

A little feed back, please.

Mannie's Quilted Manhole Cover -with Embellishments

A Little More Paint Detail for A Pyro/Acrylic Painting