Drawing to Punch Needle

Punch needle patterns and kits have been in a few stores but were often few and far between. So, my wife decided she wanted to work on some patterning and then kits. The process of producing an original pattern is not as easy a task as one thinks.

I took one of my drawings that I had inked and asked her to render it in punch needle. This inking has had a number of lines reduced to give a bear bones resemblance to the rabbit lying down. (This line drawing was done with my pyrography requirements in mind.)

This drawing was transcribed onto her cloth in order to begin.

As my wife worked with her punch needle many of the jagged lines were not easily translated and did not add to the form or image. Some lines made the rabbit look like a fierce bunny and so did not add to the image. Lines of thread were punched in and then torn out as adjustments were made. The ears were moved, other lines smoothed out, and new lines of thread put in until the image was the one my wife wanted. She may still alter the image as she looks at it further.

Once done to her satisfaction, she will introduce it for sale as a pattern or a kit.

Together the development of the image was a full day's work, with much consulting and adjusting. The final process of punch needle requires a different set of drawing characteristics in order to look presentable in its final textural form. As I said, not an easy task.


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