A One Day Daffodil Painting -by our Eleven Year Old Granddaughter

To our delight our granddaughter came for a sleepover at our home.  Manuela, myself and our grandddaughter spent time outdoors, baking/cooking, doing something new and working in the studio.  She found out she liked adding a freezie and lemonade she and Manuela had made into a Magic Bullet Blender. (She drank 3 mugs of the stuff)

Later, in the studio, she painted a small 4" x  4" canvas of the daffodils she and Manuela had picked from the garden.  First, she looked the flowers and determined the shapes needed to represent the daffodils.  She looked at the petals as she drew them -an interesting endeavour to coordinate eye and hand.  Once she had the line drawing done she transferred the image to the small canvas using tracing paper.  She went over the lines with watered down ochre, then painted the yellow of the flowers.  She mixed burnt sienna and yellow to add some shaping to the flowers and then mixed yellow and purple for darker areas.  She painted the stems and then the sky.  Once done she went over the whole painting adding darks and highlights to make the images and the background more varied and interesting.  Voila! A new Spring painting.  I was most pleased for her efforts.  Not bad for an eleven year old.

Here, I showed her about dividing the canvas surface into the 9 parts to show the focus areas of interest.  
Images of my granddaughter have been obliterated.

Note the original thumbnail sketch she did prior to the painting.  She drew around the canvas on the paper to get the exact size for the drawing.  You can see her styrofoam plate palette.

Voila! Spring Daffodils done with acrylic paints on a 4" x 4" canvas.


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