Quilting/Embroidery Frame Clamps Revisited

The clamps for the Quilting/Embroidery frame that I had first used kept falling off as Mannie moved the unit around to work on it.  And so the search began to find a way to secure the frame and leg together so that Mannie could work on it and move it about as she worked.  We used c clamps with not much better results.  What to do?  What to do?  Then I received a flyer from Busy Bee Tools and lo and behold I saw an Angle Clamp Bessey.
I could drill a hole into the legs I had built, insert the clamp, add the frame and tighten down.  When we got them home Mannie wanted to use the bar part to go on top of her frame and work, and screw the tightener from below.  We tried that and it worked.  The clamps did not come off and Mannie could move her frame around at will.  Ahhh...
Now, before these clamps went on, Mannie had tried velcro to attach the legs.  The velcro did not hold when Mannie moved the unit around.  But, we kept it on to decrease any movement of the wood frame and the legs when we used the new clamps, as shown, to keep the legs in place.  Also, by using this method Mannie did not have a major part of the clamp above her working area.
And so, Heigh Ho!  Heigh Ho! It's off to work she goes.


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