New Oil Pastel Painting (before the Burning) -Chick-a-dee Amongst the Pussy Willows

Getting down to work seems to be a problem -but I did it today.
I picked up one of my drawings for the Awakening Series and began to apply the oil pastel colours.

The background had yellow, orange, brown blended.  The pussy-willow stems were red, brown, orange and blue blended.  The Chick-a-dee and pussy willows were orange, white grey, black, blue and red -blended.
This oil pastel painting is complete at this stage and is awaiting the pyrographic burning of the image and any touch ups necessary.
And this is a closeup of the Chickadee portion of the painting.  I may need to adjust somethings on viewing it here.

Tomorrow I burn the image.  Then the Sennelier touches.


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