A New Picture from the Old -a Fierce Lapin

Sometimes you get those moments of lucidity that defy reason.  I awoke with the need to change one of the awakening picture's picture.  The bird had been giving me fits although the Gold Finch in the forsythia bush was an actual happening  -interestingly so was the new idea.

In our yard we have had fights between the Ridge Rabbits and the Gazebo Bunnies (there's a story in there somewhere).  They meet in our yard and often end up jumping into the air and flicking their hind feet at each other -even on the deck where they come to eat the seeds that the birds throw everywhere.  Last spring as the ice began to melt I had gone to add dye onto the ice that would eventually go into the pond when melted.  Across the pond, under the forsythia bush rested one of the Ridge Rabbits.  I noticed him and he noticed me.  He (an assumption) scrunched up a little more and dropped down his head -giving me that fierce rabbit (rabid) look. I did not disturb him.

Now that is the image I awoke with and so went to the studio and reconstructed my drawing.  We shall see.

The white is gesso I used to cover over lines.  I will be interested how that might affect laying on the oil pastels.
On seeing the image on the website I see where I need to make some other compositional adjustments.


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