Backyard Bird Drawings

While waiting to get some more pastels to finish up some work I found some small canvasses (5" x 7") and thought about doing some of the birds that come to our feeders.

So I drew some little fellows and transferred them to the canvases.  These birds sit in the lilac trees just outside our kitchen window.
American Gold Finch in winter dress

A cheeky Chik-a-dee.

A sulky Sparrow.

A jaunty Junco.

I have joined a birdwatching organization and send in data about birds and their numbers that visit our backyard feeders.  Our property is surrounded by high cedar trees.  When the sun shines on the back deck where all the feeders are the difference in temperature from the deck area compared to outside the property can be 7 degrees celsius.  As well we have 2 nyger seed feeders, 5 regular feeders, an open feeder fro sunflower seeds and 4 suet holders.  Thus, we can get up to 30 sparrow, 20 Juncos etc.  3 pairs of cardinals live in the trees and 6 Blue Jays.  We even have a hawk that sweeps in from time to time.

So I am setting up to do some drawings and paintings of them.


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