Out with the Old and In with the New - the Ever Changing Busy-ness of the Artist

This week has been a time of gathering up art work from one venue and putting work into others.  Co-ordinating the changes is interesting -but do it we must.  These are the activities of artists that no one sees.  Our work just appears somewhere and a price affixed.  (We do have to pay for gas to move our work around and to participate in receptions, etc -all busy-ness.)

The works in the Grand Valley Public Library will be taken out and a new venue found.  
The works and our names will thus keep circulating -and that is a good thing.

Mannie has now set up this cabinet in the Grand Valley Public Library for the next two months.
Just as we are doing this, we removed works from the Orangeville Mill St. Public Library.   

Now we are off to put a display of our work into the Main St. window space in Grand Valley. 

Busy-ness, Busy-ness, Busy-ness!


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