A Collaborative Graphic Booklet


During the month of January I had worked with my eleven year old granddaughter on drawing pictures for a story she had written.  She had read the story to me and then we broke it down to pictures as a story board.  Once the story board had been established we determined the number of panels we would use on a page and determined the number of pages needed to make a book -4 pages for a sheet in a book.  My granddaughter had to determine the number of sheets for a booklet and how all the pages were to be assembled.  We had to take in account the front cover and the back cover, inside covers, etc to make up the sheets required to make  our booklet.  Once we had done this I was to draw the cartoon panels.  We chose a cartoon format to make the story read less "dark."  

Now the cartoons took a month to do.  I had to make the characters and get my granddaughter's approval.  Then each cartoon panel and page was approved by her once I had completed them.  One page was approved before going onto the next.  And so, January was filled with this creative endeavour.  I then added this booklet to Yumpu for a flip book. 

Hope you enjoy.

The Girl in the Wall


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