A Bird Project -Embellishments Galore

Our Granddaughter has been joining us each week to learn about art and crafts. Her Nonni and she went to the studio today to work on a bird project. They are going to embellish a set of wooden birds with paints and beads and whatever else is in the studio.
Wooden birds picked up from somewhere.
Sparkles were added to this metallic acrylic paint.  Other metallic paints were painted  onto the other wooden birds to create the collection.
Mix, mix, mix.
Paint, paint, paint.
Each bird was painted a different metallic colour as an undercoating for embellishments.
And more painting.  Sometimes the work is tedious but necessary - all part of the process.
Here is the collection painted.

Nonni (Mannie) added some beads she had about the studio.  

This is a beginning.  Stay tuned to see what the two of them will do.


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