Arts II Main Studio

 The main studio is shared by Manuela and myself.  Manuela's work room in the studio was noted in a previous post.  The Main room of the studio has an area for Manuela's sewing machines, and  I have a spot by the sliding glass doors for the maximum day light.  In the Main room we lined the walls with grids to hang our works -a constant inspiration.  As well, we have bookshelves filled with art books scattered throughout the studio.  Other bookshelves house art works.
Manuela is working at one of her sewing machines. Space has become tight with all that we have -materials, books, etc, .

Viewing the Main room from my work area.  Note, we even put gallery systems throughout the room.  Manuela's work room is to the left; mine is to the right.

You can see my work area by the sliding glass doors.  In the foreground (dark) is an area of other sewing machines. Between my work area and Manuela's there is a fireplace and sitting area.  To the left is an island for also working on large items.  Manuela has set up a knitting machine on that island.

Here are three other sewing machines on an island set up in Manuela's work area in the Main room. Manuela is working on one of her machines.  Above her is a grid system and to her right is shelving for displaying items.

The island is a working area in the Main room.  Manuela's knitting machine has been set up for one of our granddaughter's to use when she comes over.  Our other granddaughter uses the Manuela's sewing machines or uses the island to set up her own machine when she brings it.  Behind the island is the kitchen with stove, microwave and toaster oven used for some of our art works.  A red plastic table cloth is clipped to the island.  The island stores many art materials for print, paper, candle and soap making.  We have made candles for Christmas and created many other art projects in this island area.

Even our foyer at the entrance has been adorned with grids and art work.

My work area has grids and art work, an easel and a work table made from two portable, plastic drawers with a plywood top that allows for a place for my feet and legs between.  MSennelier pastels are on a folding table in the forefront.

The central area between Manuela's work area and mine is a place where visitors can come and sit.  The glass fireplace helps warm the studio.  You can see Manuela working in the far left corner.

At our other homes we either worked in the basement, in very cramped quarters or in any space where we could put up and take down each day.  The studio we have now allows us more room and flexibility.  Our studio is a two bedroom house next to our main house and we have filled it.  We go to work each day, and, at the end of our work day in the studio, we leave, close the door and walk 2 metres to the back door of our home.  I believe our set up -having such a studio- contributes to our  creativity and productivity.


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