Removing Skunk Odor from a Pet -a Marshtoon

And now for a little something different.

We have been away to visit our granddaughter for her birthday. The weekend was most pleasant with family and lots of talking. At one point while reminiscing skunks and dogs came up. Apparently Indi, our Jack Russell, had taken on a skunk 3 times in the same summer. You would think they would have worked things out but apparently not. The idea struck me as funny, like the person who wants to get to know you better even though you have sent out enough messages to the contrary. As well, Indi gets most indignant when chastised or laughed at and thus a germ of an idea for a comic stayed with me until we came home.

So I produced this comic to write about how to get rid of skunk odors (note: O d'or) from pets. Apparently tomato juice does not do the trick. Putting the solution in marshtoon form is just me having fun. I used only my drawings to see how the marshtoons would look in that form -inking is the way to go.


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