"A Winter Dispute" Raven Series (a pyrographic painting)

Pyrographic techniques are used to burn the raven images into the plywood panels to limit the bleeding of the acrylic washes. The washes sink into the wood and with further washes build up a depth of colour.

In this painting I depict a scene wherein the ravens had found a kill on a snowy field that had a slick icy crust. The soft sun glare made the ravens stand out strongly. Here I tried to depict that and yet place them into the landscape.

As far as the image went it posed many questions in that instant. One raven seemed to possess the kill; another haggled and yet another seemed poised to run interference? Two collaborating against one? Mated pair keeping another at bay? The one protesting against the two stealing from it? Struggles for survival? Why not share? I could only wonder and try to present the questions by creating this image. Follow up images or actions would help to discern what was happening, but, the nature of narrative painting is in the presentation of that moment. And so the questions remain unanswered.

(In the original painting the snow has a more yellow-pearl appearance. Here, with the camera's flash, the yellowy, pearl iridescence of the snow has picked up a tinge of blue.)


Anonymous said…
This is my favorite one. It comes across beautifully.


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