"Trickster" Raven Series (a pyrographic painting)

I continue to explore my pyrographic art and craft work as well as acrylic painting to render the raven image I seek. I use wood burning as one technique along with acrylic paint to create these painted pictures of ravens. The use of iridescent colour gives a magical, mystical feel to the painting.

The contrary spirit of the raven continues to intrigue me. They have been connected with wisdom and prophecy, trickster and thief, death and doom, creation and healing, etc, depending on the culture searched. It is no wonder then that the raven has a Mona Lisa smile in the painting "Trickster." We never know which guise it wears at any time. The raven is a mutable as the flickering of its iridescence.


Anonymous said…
I really enjoy your raven work. Such an intriguing creature and your paintings show the raven's diversity as illustrated throughout the many cultures that have imbued characteristics upon the raven. Great work and interesting media.

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