Manuela's Fabric Arts Work Room in our Studio

Manuela and I have spent almost every day in our studio which is in a house next to our main house.  Manuela, as a fabric artist, keeps a huge stockpile of material and embellishments, stamps, paints, dyes, inks and more.  Over time Manuela has collected many bins that she has labelled.  The main table is 8' x 4'.  Two leaves 3' x 4' are hinged either side of the centre section 2' x 4'.  This used to be folded away in our older home and unfolded when in use.  In this studio, Manuela keeps it open all the time in the dedicated fabric arts room.  Her sewing machines are in the larger room where I also have an easel and table area to work.  Every inch of space is crammed with beads, scissors, etc, etc.

Left hand side of room as come through the door.

Standing to the left back and looking at the right side of the fabric room.  Each of the 5 drawer standing bins were on sale one day for $13 and so I bought 10 of them to form Manuela's wall of bins.  And the bins are all full!!  

Shelves line the left side of the fabric room.  Each of these shelving units, made  of metal, is 3' x 1' and full of full bins.

From the front of the fabric room on the right side.  Even the closet is full.


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