Oil Pastel Changes

I had looked at a couple of oil pastels pieces I had recently done and wanted to make some changes....  Working on the darker grey/green board continues to give me issues.  The image is darker... I need to  work at lightening things up.  Now, while working at a sunny window the Sennelier oil pastels became quite soft -I may have problems with them in the summer.  Nevertheless, I am enjoying the challenges of this new media for me.
In some areas to be changed I had to use a palette knife to scrape away the oil pastel before re-colouring.
Here I changed the sky area to a peach colour to make the image a little more alive, and the upper portion of the background lighter to create more value variety and make the woodpecker more noticeable. 
Note the difference in temperature with the changes.

Part of the bush area was lightened to create more value variety and make the cardinal more noticeable.   (I may have to redo the cardinal.)


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