Pyro/Oil Pastel Painting -Crocuses Through the Snow

Purple crocuses awaken under the lilac trees when the Spring sun shines and warms the backyard.  (I am doing a work from last year's garden.)  I am amazed that they can push up through such covering and add colour to the snow.  
In the original piece the background is softer, paler; the tree trunks less black (especially when I used no black anywhere).

The starkness of the terrain was a challenge to portray.  I put some colour into the white snow -but the white snow appears so white that it becomes hard to depict with the pastels.  The Sennelier oil pastels are so thick and rich that they impart an actual thickness to the strokes and the picture which I hope will be picked up in the final picture and especially when viewing behind the glass.

Speaking of glass -the photograph of the image behind glass is quite different from the image without the glass.  I am not sure how to resolve this.  As the images of the actual painting and the photograph can be quite different as well, I wonder how judges do a credible job of choosing art for juried shows.

See how the glass has created a difference even from the photo above. (There appears to be an added depth in the snow that is not as visible in the original painting.)


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