Homemade Legs for a Quilting/Embroidery Frame

Mannie has been working on a quilting/embroidery piece that is large.  She has been working on it as she watches TV and has been balancing it on her knees with a lot of difficulty.  So I took time from my painting to go down to the workshop and make her a pair of legs to attach to the quilting/embroidery frames.  As there are only the two legs they can be put on any frame.
Note: Mannie can pull the work right to the couch where she works.

We will try a series of clamps.  With all the movement Mannie does while working the clamps can come undone.  We may need to scre the legs to the frames.  We will see.

One of two legs made.  Note I rounded off the leg ends so Mannie can tilt the structure anyway she wants.  As well, to save the rugs she put socks on the ends (we may find a better system).

The extensions at the front and the back are the places for the clamps, although they can be put along the top part of the leg.


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