Some sold; some left to bring home

Just finished up a show at the Headwaters Arts Gallery.  Some sold; some left to bring home.

Mannie and I spent Sunday  -and I mean all day- at the gallery.  We talked to a number of artists in the Alton Mill, and chatted with many people who came into the gallery.

All artists need to be present at any show they are in.  One potential customer asked me about the title to my piece "I never met Gauguin."  Being present enabled me to give my story and there was a chuckle about the story behind the picture.  No sale but who knows about a future encounter. I remember speaking to someone years ago at a show and 3 years later she came to my studio saying it was time to buy one of my pieces as she had seen my work at a number of shows over the years.  You  never know.

All that aside, it is now time to produce work for the next season of shows.


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