My Five Steps to Get My Art Work onto the Illustration Board or Wooden Panels Using a Charcoal Rub

You know -preparing my drawings and then transferring the images to illustration board or wooden panels is often the most arduous.  And just the time taken...omg!!!

Now I have tried transferring my images using two methods.

The first involves conte (charcoal) rubbing.

1.  I do a drawing the actual size of the finished piece.  (Often I do a number of thumbnail sketches be fore doing the actual drawing).

Here I work out rhythms and the composition in a size actual to the final work.
2.  Rubbing conte over the back of the drawing.

3.  Redrawing onto the illustration board.
Going over the lines is a tedious chore but I can make some adjustments to the image.

4.  Now I had to go over the transfer lines on the illustration board (or wood panel or canvass) as this transfer method creates faded lines.  Again I can make adjustments with the drawing.

5.  I use a fixative to set the lines so the lines are not blurred when I apply the oil pastels.

Now I will use my oil pastels to paint the image and then burn the lines into the illustration board.

This works for me but does take time.


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