Fabric Art Manhole Cover -Mannie's Final Image (?)

Mannie went off to a workshop on quilted fabric "manhole covers"!?  Apparently the Japanese make something of a fine art of designing coverings for the holes in their streets and sidewalks, and each community takes great pride in its contribution to the genre.  Helen Fujiki led the workshop, sh has travelled to Japan.  Mannie extended her picture works to fit the manhole cover format.  And as usual she quilted, appliquéd, painted with acrylic paint and Sharpies, printed, embroidered and beaded with Czech crystals.  We will wait to see its final, final form.
Do you see the hidden sunfish?
Remember there had been a post that showed Mannie's beginning of her manhole cover -things certainly have changed from the 

Beginning a "Quilted Manhole Cover" 

Here are google images of Japanese manhole covers

As well, on line there are people who have done fabric replicas of manhole covers from various cities. (https://www.etsy.com/listing/63338292/nyc-sewer-printed-pillow-large?ref=shop_home_active_1&ga_search_query=nyc%2Bsewer ) 
And others (noted on google images for fabric art manhole covers), like Mannie, who make their own images for the covers and use them as pillows, wall hangings and mats. 
Amazon even publishes a book on quilting manhole covers.

Go figure.  There is no limit to the creative mind!!  Hurray!!!!


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