Oil Pastel Procedure for "Melting Ice on the Grand River"

Finished "Melting Ice on the grand River" done on 4" x 6" artists' postcard paper.  Image 3" x5"

 Well, another day in the studio and another oil pastel art work/sketch.  I am just getting used to the Sennelier pastels.  I am being challenged for sure because of the smallness of the panel and the thickness and buttery texture of the pastel sticks.

Here is my process for creating the oil pastel today.  Ice is melting down at the bridge over the Grand River.  I had taken a photo of the scene and used it and a sketch to do the oil pastel in the studio.

Marker drawing of the scene.

Pencil drawing of main shapes for the oil pastels.

Drawing taped to desk.

Burnt umber lightly put on the darkest value area.

Solvent used on the burnt umber.  Shapes defined.

Value in the water area adjusted

Ochre added as medium value.

Blue added over the burnt umber in the water.  
Light purple streaked into the water.  
Burnt umber added to the bridge.

Grey is added to the bridge water and the highest of the river and into the ice.  The water is darkened around the rocks and next to the bridge.  White is added to the ice, rocks and water.


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