Oil Pastel Art Works -By the Grand River and the Vibrant blue

That blue of the open river is astonishing.  And the oil pastel makes it pop even more.The blue even runs into the shadows on the shore.  Spring is coming and the river is opening up and swelling.  The snow will stop glistening. The river blue will turn to grey/brown as it rushes downstream. By the way, the texture of the watercolour paper/postcard creates its own challenges when applying the oil pastel it.  And, I may need to go for a more "painterly" look, so as not to have these works look so stark -clearly sharp.  Hmmm.
My process has remained quite constant throughout my creating these small (3" x 5") paintings/drawings.
 I had outlined  this process in a previous post (Oil Pastel Work -a Process)


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