Kappa on da head

I had been out to a meeting where a number of people wanted to know where I had gotten my Kappa (on da head). "Manuela makes them," I said. Each said,"I like da Kappa on da head.

(I didn't know what else to call it -other than my hat.)

Look at the scowl on that face.

Soooo... Once I told Manuela what had happened there ensued a whirling dervish of activity to produce more. I do not know where this will end and I need to be careful about what I say to her.

A sweater felted then cut into Kappa shapes from a pattern made. Then other felt or material was felt needled (?) into it. Voila a felted Kappa.

I like them because they are warm and unlike a toque they don't squash my hair and make me look like hmmm when I take the toque off. A fellow artist said he liked it because he cannot wear a hat with a peak when he is out photographing. So there.

And Manuela apparently doesn't have enough to do.


Now you have to figure out a way to hock it to make money for your pocket!

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