The Heat is On -Let the Burning Begin

The call for entry came for the Art show and sale in the fall. As well Mannie and I have been invited to a village art event in July. I haven't done anything for a while as I have been BUSY!

But now the heat is on to get some new work together. I must get down to burning my boards -pyrographically speaking (is that a real word: and painting the images. I have 4 weeks!!

Now, I have just finished the drawings on 4 boards -these may be all I can do. The drawings took some time as the broad strokes I used in my Raven series have been usurped for very detailed images. This was not intended but came about serendipitously as I began to transfer the images onto the panels. The images morphed in order to take in account the grain of the panels themselves. The creative process for this series has became more holistic -despite the infusion of detail. And these drawings will create challenges as I burn the images and then paint them.
A leafy coiffure.

These trees stretch to the sky --to kiss the sun.

These trees writhe at the side of the highway on the way home.

Here the burning has begun.

So now begins my marathon -to complete a series in 4 weeks. Wish me well.


Brie said…
Love the details in your drawings!

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