Hunting for Hidden Art Treasures -sometimes in your own home

Found again!

Mannie began doing some cleaning up around the house and studio. She came across a set of artworks we had put away before we had moved -good grief almost 2 years ago!! (They've been hidden away for at least 10 years -and some for upward to 19 years.) They were a delight to see again and Mannie began scouring the studio for frames -she wants them up!

We spend time treasure hunting at flea markets, antique shops, bazaars and garage sales. Many items were picked up for very little. Other times we find artists in our travels whose works are fresh, colourful and well crafted. The fun is in the search and then the acquisition.

These works can often act as inspiration for our own work. (My new series on trees is a case in point.) I do like the way artists compose their images and mix their colours to achieve different effects.

And, Mannie has just found another treasure trove. Good grief!! It'll cost me more to frame them than I spent to get them!

By the way, good treasure hunting to you all


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