And on to a new decor

I had been asked to build a desk and shelving for my granddaughter who had just moved into a new bedroom. After working with Mannie and I in our studio, she "needs" a studio of her own. And so I begin another project -one that had been requested in May 2010, I think, and if not I will be corrected. Nevertheless, I have begun the project -after many discussions and drawings.

And so I began by building a base cabinet out of maple plywood. Here I am putting a spacer at the wall before attaching the first base cabinet. Note the dazzling wall colours that my granddaughter chose and helped her dad to paint.
Mannie had to get involved and while I was away to cut more spacers she wielded the handy dandy cordless drill to afix them to wall before the first cabinet was installed..

Here is the second cabinet shimmed and attached to the wall. One side is a mirror of the other side. It is amazing how much time it takes to do these things -at the same time I'm no longer working the 8 to 12 hours I once worked to complete tasks. Lucky to get 6 out of me.

However, our granddaughter will get quite a "studio" in her bedroom where she can work on her many "projects" -just like her nonni and nonno.


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