A Warm Sweater and Family

The winter storms hit and I put on my knitted sweater -knitted by my daughter's mother-in-law for me. How talented she is at knitting.

As I sat snug in its warmth I thought about the artistic enterprises of the family - which goes beyond Manuela and me.

My mother-in-law has made jewellery, built amoires and carved tables, painted pictures, sculpted, cast bronze, and dabbled in other artistic pursuits -and all after the age of 60.
My daughter has been involved in advertising and directs productions for a television corporation. Her husband photographs some of the most beautiful landscapes and animal pictures (you will have to hunt for them at http://theadventuresofmadmalandhobbes.blogspot.com/)
My son uses his art degree to think outside the box as a director in a computer company that provides a range of telecom and IT in-building services that meet the changing business needs of their clients. His wife, as a manager of a large retail corporation, puts together marketing displays in her store to attract the customers as they walk about. And their daughter, my goodness, she was mixing her paints like a pro at the cottage this year and painting pictures of trees in a storm -and she's 3.

I feel warm and secure surrounded by my well knit sweater and such a talented family -who actually understand Manuela and me as we continually work on our next new artistic endeavour.


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