We are on the Move

Good grief!! We've sold our home of 30 plus years!!

December 12 we received an offer, although we had not even put it on the market, and by December 18 we were done!! And, with no house bought to move into.

Needless to say, with 45 days set to pack and get ready to move and find a home to move into, we might not be posting many of our art works on this site.

Today, while others went about scooping up bargains at the stores, Manuela and I packed and went and got more boxes and packing paper, and packed and picked up some groceries and packed.

I started in my studio, which appeared quite small, but the number of packed boxes just seemed to grow and grow. I did not even get to supplies on my desks nor to the books.

These boxes are stacked in front of my two stacked credenzas. Note the books.

The closet of art supplies was cleared out. Note the books.

Despite my efforts the art supplies not boxed spilled over the desks and onto the floor. Note the bird who keeps cooing as she does not know what is going on. I should coo, too.

And the spillage just took over all the working surfaces of my(?) studio. Note the books.

Even the linen closet in the hallway was commandeered for storage.

Our year, 2008, has ended on a different note, more so than Manuela and I had intended. The New Year should thus be rather exciting as indeed we start a New Chapter in our lives. We are on the lookout for studio space for the two of us in our new, not-yet-found home. Once established we will be back at work with renewed vigour and we will return to blogging when we have more to share.

Manuela and I wish everyone a new and exciting 2009.


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