A Spider in Crazy Quilting

Mannie's crazy quilt squares contain a spider motif somewhere in the design. Her flair for beading just adds to the spider's look.
I had mentioned its existence is to be found somewhere in the square as a tradition in crazy quilting. (See Crazy Quilt Square -a Continuation)

And now for the myth that relates to the tradition of the spider in the work of embroiderers, spinners and weavers -and crazy quilters.In Greco-Roman mythology, Arachne was a great mortal weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of Minerva, the Latin parallel of Athena, the goddess of arts and crafts. Offended Minerva set a contest between the two weavers. Arachne, the mortal weaver, won with her beautiful tapestry -which apparently upset Minerva... and Arachne. Ultimately, the goddess turned Arachne into a spider.

And ultimately, Arachne is to be found somewhere in the work of a crazy quilt.

As well some quilters believe that embroidering a spider on its web will bring good luck to the quilter.


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