A New Pyrographic/Acrylic Painting in the Works

A fallen tree, uprooted by more than usually strong winds became my inspiration for a pyrographic/acrylic painting I am rendering. Sketches and photos were used to capture the images I need -before the tree was cut up and carted away.

My pyrographic /acrylic paintings have been on hold lately. I have been hard pressed to get to my art work what with traveling to do renovation work, shoveling snow, cleaning the yards of fallen tree limbs due to a freak snow/ice storm, as well as other maintenance chores. Did I mention I've been tired.

Nevertheless, I printed a photo and squared it off.

Next, I squared off a plywood sheet to match the number of the squares on the photo. However, the plywood dimensions were different than the photo dimensions and so... I had to look at my sketches and make adjustments to the drawing in order to get the right "feel" for the image.

As well, I took into account the grain and markings of the plywood when I drew in the branches, textures, etc and thus the image was transformed. If you look closely some of the texture tines of the tree trunk flow along the grain lines. (You may need to enlargen the image here to see what I mean.)

And, in some areas I had to draw lines that go contrary to the grain lines in order to create the image I want. Even the lines of the bark that I drew do not correspond to the actual photo of the bark but there is a flow to the whole piece that goes beyond the mere replication of the photo.

The drawing is near completion and once done will be burnt and eventually painted.


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